Review: 24K Gold Energy Beauty Bar (T Shaped Electric Massager)

What is it – 24K Gold Energy Beauty Bar (T Shaped Electric Massager)

What it claims to do

• Lifts your face, tighten and revitalizes your facial skin.

• T-Shaped head adds mild vibration to push and patting skincare products deep in the skin.

• Increases blood flow and relaxes facial muscles.

Broadcaster Verdict – I am a true believer of divine intervention so while on a quest for an affordable facial tool (haven’t got the budget for a jade roller, yet!) I somehow landed on actress Tracee Eliss Ross’s Curly hair tutorial for Vogue, it was divine intervention I believe. In the video, she uses a T Shaped electric Gold Bar that she bought off Amazon as part of her everyday beauty regime. She specifically mentioned that it was so cheap that she doesn’t even remember how much it for and so I was SOLD!

I headed to Amazon, did some review researching (its got 5 stars) and after seeing the price I cried tears of joy, went ahead and bought it.

I use the massager after applying serums and oils and used it for a good 5 minutes on both the sides of my face and a few minutes on the forehead. Your face does suddenly look red probably because the blood is flowing but at the same time, it feels extremely relaxing and cooling. Many times I have also left in the freezer for a few minutes before using it under my eyes and also used it over sheet masks to penetrate the active ingredients in the mask deeper into the skin. It for sure does help the product seep deep into your skin, especially when you have excess product left after using a sheet mask. As for the contouring, I didn’t think it contoured my face but that’s also something that might happen with regular use.

Now I will be honest, I really love the product it really does everything it says but is it an essential part of my skincare regime, not really. That doesn’t mean that it fails to deliver what it claims but it does require time and effort on your part. You need to be diligent and regular with its use if you want results to show.

Given how affordable it is and the face it does feel so good on the skin, this product is a #Holygrail.

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