This 26 year old French Gal shares her heart-warming relationship with makeup and the positive impact it has on her.

This story has been divided into two parts. This is Part 1. Click here to read Part 2

Meet 26-year-old Leslie Vigliani born in Evian (yes, where the water comes from) in the French Alps. As much as she loves makeup, by no means considers it something that everyone should be interested in nor using it. It should be something to have fun with and above all, to be free with (or without!)

I have been struggling with self-confidence issues (chronicles of a chubby girl) so makeup helped me feel better with myself and gain a bit of confidence. Now that I am older, I am also able to feel good with no makeup on, and I’m learning how to feel good with myself in general – still working on it!

Q.Skincare, Haircare, Makeup and Body Care on which area(s) do you spend the most time, what is most important to you and why?

I guess the first area where I have always spent the most time is makeup. You know, “brushes brows, doesn’t brush hair” kind of girl :D. I’ve been fascinated by makeup since I was a little girl, I guess it came from my older cousin: she is 14 years older than me so when I was a kid she was in her late teenage years/ the early twenties, and as a girl from the South of France she was always perfectly put together: nails done, hair blow-dried, makeup on point. I use to spend hours in her bathroom just looking at her products. I cultivated this passion for makeup while growing up, but only as an observer because my mom would not let me wear makeup to school. I use to binge-watch YouTube videos of American makeup gurus, dreaming that someday I’d be able to buy myself the products they used and look like them. It was pure fascination and a life goal for me then (this have evolved since obviously).

“As a teenager, my ultimate life goal was to make money to fill my drawers with makeup.” 

With a low student budget, I of course started with drugstore products, asking for high-end items for my birthday or Christmas. I remember my dad bought me the Urban Decay Naked Palette for Christmas 2010 and it was the best day of my life! I started growing my collection little by little, and then working in the cosmetic industries helped it to grow drastically.

Wear that bright red lipstick, slay that electric blue eyeliner, don’t ask yourself what shade goes better with your eye colour. Try, experiment and have fun!”

I love makeup because it’s a creative activity that also requires a bit of methodology, it’s both playful and rigorous sometimes, it allows you to express so many things. I like to change my makeup according to what I wear or how I feel.

Skincare: The second area would be skincare, although I acknowledge this should always come first: no matter how much makeup you put on if the skin underneath looks like crap there’s no point. My mom taught me how to take care of my skincare at a very young age. From the moment I hit puberty, she taught me how to properly wash and hydrate my skin.

I have kept those good habits that are simple but efficient: properly wash your face, moisturize, drink water and wear an SPF (yes, even when it’s not summer).”

I was lucky enough to never suffer from acne, but I had oily skin and a lot of blackheads, so my mom would take me to the aesthetician once every 2-3 months for a deep cleansing and blackheads extraction – God this was painful! I perfectly remember my aesthetician always telling me “Leslie, you HAVE TO drink more water, it shows on your skin that you don’t drink enough!”. She was explaining to me that the skin needs water to regenerate itself and be plumped, and that water helps getting rid of impurities and toxins of the body. The less you get rid of what’s bad inside your body, the more it will show on the outside and your skin!

It was a real struggle for me as I was never drinking, except my coffee in the morning, and maybe a glass of water while eating, but I tried to improve in that area and today I cannot go anywhere without carrying a bottle of water with me. I have kept those good habits that are simple but efficient: properly wash your face, moisturize, drink water and wear an SPF (yes, even when it’s not summer and even if it’s to stay in the city!).

Haircare: I have never spent a lot of time on haircare, but I do simple things that help them stay healthy. I also guess I have quite “low maintenance” hair since they are wavy/straight and are very fine. There was one time when I heavily damaged my hair though. During my teenage years, the trend was to have super straight hair (this trend has ruined countless numbers of manes, including ours), so I would use a straightening iron every-single-day. My hair ended up looking like straw, it was horrible! After that, I decided that I would stop using any source of heat on my hair: no curling iron, no straightener, no blow dryer. During this recovery time, I was also doing an oil treatment once a week, applying Argan oil to my hair, leaving it in, and then shampoo. This really helped! And since then I’ve been keeping a simple hair routine that has worked well for me. At some point I had my hair so long they would reach my butt 😊

Body care: Regarding body care, I’m really bad at it… This is definitely something I would like to improve, and I have the feeling that there is not so much out there in terms of content, beauty blogs etc. Maybe something to explore? (We’re on it!)

This story has been divided into two parts. This is Part 1. Click here to read Part 2

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