4 makeup products from homegrown brands that its users recommend you try.

We don’t know how many of you actually know why we started the Broadcast Beauty Community. But when we interviewed over 200+ Indian women they said that though it’s great that India is having its moment with beauty and there are so many brands and products to choose from, it also gives them a brain freeze, creates doubt and confuses them to an extent that they give up midway while shopping for beauty products online such as skincare, haircare and especially makeup.

So with the Broadcast Beauty Community, we wanted to get actual beauty users and experts to share their recommendations and simplify your beauty journey and help you handpick a few products from tens of thousands of them. Essentially the community is your online beauty advisor such how you would have beauty consultants in a physical store.

This time we asked the community to share their favourite homegrown makeup brands and what they recommend you buy.

1. FAE Beauty

What the community recommends you buy – FAE Beauty Brash Dual Brow Filler & Volumizing Mascara, Rs.750

“From FAE, BRASH, their newest launch is what I’m biased towards because of the effortless get-ready situation. Doing your brows can be tedious, but BRASH makes it super easy in the sense that you just have to apply and go. Sure, if you want a more structured brow, you would go in with your pomade/pencil. And what’s even better? Brash can be used as a mascara too!” says Maimoonah when asked why she recommends this product.

FAE Beauty Brash Dual Brow Filler & Volumizing Mascara, Rs.750

3. Boss Lady Cosmetics

What the community recommends you buy – Barely There Love Pens, Rs. 899Hug All Day Waterproof Eye Flicks, Rs. 675

“The Boss Lady Eyeliner specifically is my favourite because it glides on effortlessly, without any tugging, and gives the most opaque, pigment-rich, gorgeous finish. Also doesn’t budge! The lipsticks by BLC are also nice, but if I had to choose one item, it would be the eyeliner.” says Maimoonah

Barely There Love Pens, Rs. 899


Hug All Day Waterproof Eye Flicks, Rs. 675


4. Blur

What the community recommends you buy – BLURstick, Rs. 1,099, I Give up on Cat Eyes Eyeliner, Rs. 1,299

According to Jemima “Blur cosmetics is an Indian brand. It’s vegan and cruelty-free as well. I have used their lipstick- ‘Put me on your lips, not your lying ex.’ It’s a beautiful semi-matte shade of red. Perfect shade for the Indian-olive skin tone. Stands out without looking too much and their eyeliner- ‘I give up on cat eyes’ is a black liquid liner with a very-very fine brush which makes it super easy to draw on your eyeliner and avoid making mistakes. It lasts a good 12 hours.”

BLURstick, Rs. 1,099
Give up on Cat Eyes Eyeliner, Rs. 1,299

4.Disguise Cosmetics

What the community recommends you buy – Rainbow Oil, Rs. 700

Rachna recommends that you give the Rainbow Oil a try. According to her, it’s beautiful for a natural glow and healthy skin!

 Rainbow Oil, Rs. 700

Have you tried these brands? What products would you recommend others from these brands?  Do Share the global beauty community in the comments below.

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