5 reasons you can’t just get over Vaseline

Vaseline for all of us is akin to the OG Moisturizer. It’s such a versatile beauty product that we can use for almost anything! You name it and Vaseline can be used for it. Not only its works wonders for our skin & saves that extra cash, but it is a mystical bottle that has the potential to change & transform our beauty regime forever!

Known and loved for its ultra-hydrating & nourishing formula, it isn’t the first thing you will think of putting in your makeup bag but will constantly find it lying somewhere around the house. While it’s not a sexy product, it’s arguably one of the most overachieving multitasking beauty buys.

Without further ado, keep scrolling down to discover unexpected beauty hacks that you can decode with the little jar of Vaseline that will surely rock your world!

Here’s why the community approves of Vaseline:

1. Makes your body lotion last all day long:

If you are tired of spending those extra bucks for that heavy-duty moisturizer, Vaseline can double as an effective body lotion & create a healthy skin barrier due to its ability to lock in moisture. Just mix some baby lotion & Vaseline in 3:1 ratio respectively & voila! You have yourself a super hydrating body lotion that moisturizes your skin & seals in the moisture.

2.Create your own lip tint:

In need of a pop of colour? Turn any of your beloved eyeshadow pigments or loose blush and create your own one-of-a-kind DIY lip tint. Mix Vaseline with the powder & apply the same to the centre of your cupid’s bow and dab it gently across the lips to seamlessly blend the tint for achieving that just-bitten lip gradient effect that those K-Pop bands & Korean dramas celebrities sport!

3. Smooth away flyways and split ends:

We all crave those luscious & glossy manes like the one’s that the models have in those hair commercials. And since we heard so many community members rave about how Vaseline helps with smoothening dry hair, we decided to do some digging. And guess what- it actually does work!

Just take a dime-size amount & rub it between your hands to warm the product and get working on your hair. Do avoid your scalp and just apply the jelly onto the length of the hair only. Leave it for an hour & then wash your hair by taking a generous amount of shampoo to rinse away the vaseline. Do it at least once a week to see the results. Its sheer magic is in its ability to create a strong shield of protection for the hair & tame those pesky flyaways & manage split ends.

4.Make your perfume last longer:

Make yourself smell gorgeous all day long and add some extra life to your favourite fragrance! Just dab some Vaseline & rub small pea size amount to your pulse points — your wrists, behind your ears, behind your knees, and even on your ankles — before spritzing your preferred fragrance. The balm will act as an additional moisturizing lock for the scent and make it last even longer.

5.Soothe redness & irritation:

Our community member Smita likes to use Vaseline for the healing & calming properties that it offers. Many beauty enthusiasts like Smita herself can attest to Vaseline’s occlusive property that protects inflamed & red skin, by acting as a coating over the skin & preserving the natural skin barrier. In fact, people who suffer from acne & rosacea can actually benefit so much from this small tin as it allows their skin time to heal without getting worse from the dirt & pollution in the environment.

And while it’s been around for a while, Vaseline is such an iconic formulation that it’s honestly an omnipresent entity we always find lying around in the house. Do share with us your experience of using various Vaseline beauty hacks that you have stumbled across when using this unassuming product that has been recommended by the community.

How do you use Vaseline as part of your beauty routine? Do Share any recommendations for DIYs or products with yoghurt with the global beauty community in the comments below.

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