6 Beauty Hacks You Never Knew You Could Use Boroline For

The folks in India often joke about how an unassuming tube of Boroline can fix almost anything, even a broken heart. To simply say that a lot of Indian masses use Boroline would be an understatement of the century. We have not just lived with it but practically grown up with it! Eve ace Indian couturier Sabyasachi seems to be obsessed with it!

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This product, which now celebrates its 91
st year, has been able to invoke such nostalgia across multiple generations & is a swelling pride among so many of us. Since its almost like an heirloom beauty keepsake in almost all Indian households, I reached out to our Indian readers to know all the versatile uses and beauty hacks one can use this iconic & humble antiseptic cream for and why it captures the imagination of  Indian, even after a century.

Here’s how you are using Boroline:

1. To soothe dry & itchy patches on the skin:

This thin & demure green metallic tube which is made with a mixture of boric powder, zinc oxide, essential oils and paraffin, is actually a miracle product & a culture marvel in India. Dry skin, cracked lips, sunburnt cheeks or cut shins, whatever the skin issues, this thick moisturizer with its signature sweet smell always has your back.

2. To deeply hydrate & soften the cuticles:

This multipurpose cream that has several benefits not only for the skin but also for your rough & hardened cuticles. A lot, and we mean a lot of people shared that they use Boroline for some cuticle care to soften hardened and peeling skin from the cuticles. Just apply a thick layer of Boroline onto your cuticles and leave it undisturbed 10 minutes. The fats & emulsifiers in the cream will help breakdown the hard skin & moisturize them deeply, thus resulting in softened & shiny nails in no time.

3. Heal razor burns, sunburns and scarring:

The combination of antiseptic astringents and zinc oxide and the emollient lanolin works as a great remedy for sunburns, razor cuts, cracked lips, rough skin, and to treat infections. One user of Boroline shared how you can make your own cooling & soothing treatment paste by taking a decent amount of Boroline & adding some drops lavender or chamomile essential oil as a salve to help relieve some of the stinging and pain caused by either sunburn or cuts.

4. As a gentle and affordable makeup remover:

We all struggle with removing makeup. The tugging & rubbing makes skin utterly red & sensitive. And lets not even get started the lack of affordable makeup cleansers. Turns out some Indian women have found a neat hack to remove that liquid matte lipstick and waterproof mascara in a couple of minutes without the constant tugging. Simply slather your lips or eyes (do make a little more attention when you apply it on your eyes, so it doesn’t end in up your eye) with a generous amount of Boroline & let it sit for 5 minutes on top of your skin. Then grab a wash clothed dipped in lukewarm water or even wet cotton pads, and watch the makeup just slide right off from your skin…sounds satisfying right? Give it a try & let us know your thoughts

5. To reduce acne overnight

Have you ever seen an all natural cream that removes acne & its residual marks in just a span of 3 days? Didn’t think so! This hack is such a tried & tested hack amongst the Indian beauty community that it’s quite surprising why it hasn’t caught on for how effective it is! Grab a spoon and take a dime-size amount of Boroline on it. Heat the spoon over the fire and allow the Boroline to melt into a transparent liquid. Once it reaches a high temperature, allow it time to cool down back to the room temperature & apply it onto your pimples. Use this concoction daily as a spot treatment & bid adieu to those acne zits & scars in just 3 days.

6. As a hydrating DIY shaving cream:

Boroline also doubles up as a shaving cream when needed. It has an ideal consistency and offers a smooth barrier between the razor blade and your skin. Just make a DIY shaving cream by mixing one part Boroline & three parts of coconut oil, mix it well and there you have homemade shaving cream. Not only does it moisturize the skin, it makes the skin surface as smooth as silk, thereby allowing us to manoeuvre the razor so easily without fearing any cuts or bruises.

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How do you use Boroline as part of your beauty routine? Do Share any recommendations for DIYs or products with yoghurt with the global beauty community in the comments below.

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