The Broadcast Beauty is a global community platform to discuss everything beauty. We are aiming to build a global community where YOU can share your beauty routines, favourite products, ingredients and everything in between.

We believe that everyone has a lot to share and learn from each other when it comes to beauty. We want you to share your beauty know-how, so we can broadcast it to the entire world. When it comes to beauty – skincare, haircare, bath & body care, makeup and wellness, people from across the world have something to share that might help someone else in their beauty journey whether they are just getting started or maybe way ahead in the beauty food chain!

We’re all about sharing and learning from the global beauty community and that includes YOU. Here’s how you can contribute to the community :

Tried & Tested – The community tries & tests beauty products, ingredients and hacks to deduce whether it is a #HolyGrail or stands #NotAChance to make it to your beauty shelf. If you have tried and tested a product, hack or ingredient and have got some SERIOUS OPINIONS about it, then Do Share with us so we can broadcast it to the global beauty community. FILL FORM HERE

Broadcaster In Spotlight – Broadcast Beauty was started for and by the global beauty community. So, whether you use one beauty product or ten or whether you use ZERO products because you are CHIEF BEAUTY HACK-ER. No matter what part of the world you are from, we want to know all about your beauty routine. FILL FORM HERE

Approved By You – Got a beauty product, ingredient or hack you approve of? Every week we post products, ingredients or hacks that have been approved and shared by community members. Do Share why you approve of a product, hack or ingredient and we’ll share it with the global beauty community.

The Basics – Basics of beauty got you confused? If there’s anything related to skin, hair, makeup, nails or anything else related to beauty that you want to know then Do Share with us and we’ll do our best to answer.

Perk Drops‘Perk Drops’ are free beauty products you can win for SIMPLIFYING BEAUTY FOR OTHERS.

Here’s how you can increase your chance of getting your hands on ‘PERK DROPS’

#1 Share Reviews – Using the tried and tested form, Share thoughtful critique with the community of the products you LOVE & also the products you won’t recommend to Satan himself! Share photos, videos, tutorials. You can also tag us on Instagram to get featured.

PRO TIP: Super detailed reviews = Higher chances of winning the perk drops.

#2 Engage – Engage as much as with the community. Engage with the community by sharing your beauty routine (Broadcaster in Spotlight)/ Collaborate with us. Engage with story polls and questions. Share your recommendations & help other people when they ask a beauty-related query on our Instagram/web platform. The more you engage with the community& collaborate with us, increases the chances of winning the perk drops.

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INVITE fellow beauty junkies or even better, someone, who is new & perpetually confused about beauty so we can simplify beauty for them.

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