Ace Your Foundation Base: A Professional Make-Up Artist’s Guide To The Perfect Base

It’s hard buying foundation in a physical store let alone online. In fact in a survey that we conducted, close to 80% of you said buying products for your base makeup such as FOUNDATION, CONCEALER and COMPACT online was extremely confusing.

So we got @thebroadcastbeauty community member and makeup artist Maimoonah @moonymadness07 to share some expert advice on how to choose the right base makeup products and how to ace your base every single time you apply it!

Beauty Routine Articles from Experts – Learn more about how to shop for foundations online, how to find your shade and how to apply foundations.

1. The Basics: Finding your undertone

Finding your undertone is the most important and the very first step to find the perfect foundation for you. There are two basic ways which can help you decide your undertone.

  • Jewellery method 

If you think silver jewellery suits you more you have a cool undertone whereas if gold jewellery suits you more you have a warm undertone. If both types suit you well, there are chances that you have a neutral undertone.

  • Veins method

This method is very simple. Check the veins on your wrist and see what it indicates:

  • Purple/Blue veins: Cool undertone
  • Green veins: Warm undertone
  • Both: Neutral undertone

2. How to choose the right shade of foundation?

  • Check swatches online
  • Maimoonah’s pro tip: If you have a foundation that matches your tone, find your shade in other brands on
  • Check a brand’s official website to see if they have a shade matching guide
  • Maimoonah’s recommendation: Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

3. How to nail the application?

  • Go for thin layers: Apply a very thin layer of foundation using a brush, blender or sponge of your choice. See how it looks, and if required, go for another thin layer, Pro tip: Use a blender/sponge for a more natural finish.
  • Instead of baking, press your damp blender into powder, tap off excess and then press into your skin gently for a non-cakey and flawless look.
  • The right way to apply: DON’T rub your foundation in a circular motion. The best way is to tap it on- and once you are done with applying the foundation, take a damp beauty blender and press it all over your face. It will pick up the excess foundation and get rid of the strokes.
  • How to apply on scars, acne-prone skin: Apply thin layers as recommended, use a pore filling primer and use a damp blender, press powder in these areas to ensure a good set, without getting cakey.

3. Expert tip: Skin prep is essential 

Good skin prep that involves cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin is one of the crucial steps for the base to last longer. Take your time with each step. Particularly with foundation, take your time to buff the product to set it in place.

4. How to ace the foundation application when you sweat a lot?

  • Cool off your skin before diving into applying your foundation. This includes washing your face with cold water. 
  • Prep your skin – MOISTURIZE and use an oil-free primer
  • When choosing a foundation, go for something lightweight and oil-free. Take your time for it to work on the skin.
  • Use powder sparingly: The mattifying effect of the powder dries off the skin especially when the skin prep hasn’t been done properly. Opt for cream textures over powder as they don’t get cakey.
  • Carry a mist with you so you can constantly cool off your skin when it gets too hot outside.
  • Finally, drink a lot of water to stay hydrated as it really amplifies the glow

Recommendations (setting powder):

  • Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder
  • Huda Beauty Easy Bake Powder
  • RCMA Makeup Setting Powder 

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