Approved By You: Coffee

Coffee is great right? We are the kind of people who can’t start their day without a kick of caffeine, whether it is in our bodies or on our bodies. No, you didn’t read it wrong. Just like your system your body also loves the taste of coffee and the various benefits of it, and that’s why it has been Approved By You aka the global beauty community.

Here’s why the community approves of coffee:

  1. A powerhouse of anti-oxidants – Anti-oxidants help fight day to day factors that could be harming your skin and hair from pollution, heat, rays of the sun to even the light from your screen. Caffeine rich ingredients like coffee and green tea are full of it, and that’s why deserve a permanent spot on your beauty routine to fight free radicals and these external skin and hair damaging factors.
  2. Energizes and brightens – Just as soon as that smell of coffee hits on your nostril it enegergizes and brightens up your day, it does the same thing to your facial and body skin. When applied in a potent form such as a serum, face mask or eye cream, it instantly energizes your skin by kicking the circulation of blood flow and over time makes your skin appear brighter. It also helps lighten under eye dark circles and reduce the puffiness.
  3. Natural scrub – Chances are you have either used or read about using coffee as a natural exfoliant/ scrub. The reason this hack is so popular is that coffee not only gently removes dead skin cells when applied regularly, it can temporarily minimize the appearance of cellulite and makes the skin smoother and tight.
  4. Works with all skin types – Since coffee has anti-inflammatory properties, it works with all skin types and in some cases also helps to calm down and soothe irritated skin.
  5. The hair loves it too – While in some countries coffee has been mixed with henna and applied to hair for richer hair colour, it also works as a great last rinse to lock in moisture and make the hair shiny and to reduce frizz. You can also wash your hair with instant coffee either skipping the shampoo + conditioner route completely or washing your hair with coffee right after washing it with shampoo.

How is the community using coffee:

From home-made coffee scrub by mixing it with oil, salt and sugar to more elegant ways with innovative formulations in the form of under eye creams, moisturizers, serums and even shampoos with coffee as an active ingredient, the community is making sure that coffee has a place not just on their kitchen shelves but their bathroom cabinet too. And why shouldn’t it be a part of your everyday beauty routine, after all, it does wonders for you from head to toe, all skin types love it and well it is the fuel on which all of us run, literally.

As powerful and potent this ingredient is, it is also extremely easy on the skin and is extremely gentle on the skin and hair.

Do you use coffee as a part of your skincare routine? How do you use it and which skin concerns does it help you with? Do Share with the global beauty community in the comments below.

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