Approved By You: Rosewater

Rosewater is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and is high in anti-inflammatory properties, which makes this household staple product such a versatile beauty product that can be used as part of your skincare routine, to help with your hair woes and even your makeup, and that’s why it has been Approved By You aka the global beauty community.

Here’s why the community approves of Rosewater:

1. Sensitive skin-friendly – Rosewater is extremely mild and works great for people with sensitive skin who are prone to redness, irritation and occasionally angry skin.

2. Mild toner – Because its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Rosewater acts as a great clarifying treatment to get the dirt settled deep into your pores and acts the perfect balancing treatment for skin, as it corrects pH to a natural level and also prevents skin from getting too oily or too dry.

3. Targets top skin concerns –  The benefits of rosewater go beyond hydrating the skin. Being rich in Vitamin c and other skin-loving properties rosewater helps with inducing a glow on the skin and makes it brighter when used daily. It also helps with skin concerns like acne, irritated skin, fine lines and, wrinkles as well.

4. The hair loves it too – Everything that rosewater does for you skin it does for your hair too. It adds moisture back to the hair, controls out of control hair frizz during hot and dry days and most importantly it makes your smell so divine!

How is the community using Rosewater:

  1. As a morning cleanser – Some community members skip their daily foam or gel cleansers and just wipe their face with rosewater on a cotton pad. This not only cleans the top layer of the face but also takes any dirt out of the pores and even balances the pH level of the skin.
  2. Mix it with hair products – From shampoos to conditioners and even serums, community members mix rosewater with their hair products so that their hair smells rosy. Some also suggested carrying a bottle of rosewater in a spray bottle and spritz it over the hair when it gets frizzy to tame the frizz down.
  3. For razor burns and cuts – Because rosewater is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, community members suggest using rosewater when you accidentally cut yourself or experience razor burns after shaving. This immediately soothes the skin.
  4.  Makeup setter and remover – use rosewater to hydrate your face before applying makeup as the last step in your makeup routine to set everything in place. Rosewater also works as a great makeup remover. After using an oil-based cleanser, just swipe rosewater with cotton bad to get remove any leftover makeup.

How do you use yoghurt as part of your beauty routine? Do Share any recommendations for DIYs or products with yoghurt with the global beauty community in the comments below.

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