Beauty Product Review: Clinique Take The Day Off Balm

What is it – Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

What it claims to do – Non-greasy & non-drying, this lightweight makeup remover claims to dissolve stubborn eye or face makeup look, sunscreens in a matter of minutes. Upon application, transforming from a solid balm to a velvety oil. Cleans thoroughly, rinses off completely. It gently removes any signs of dirt & pollution, making the skin look younger & fresher.

Key Ingredients – Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E derivative)

Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Sorbeth-30 Tetraoleate, Polyethylene, Peg-5 Glyceryl Triisostearate, Water\Aqua\Eau, Phenoxyethanol



Broadcaster: Sanjana Banerjee 

Age: 25-34

I live in: A place which has dry heat, is very sunny and during monsoon, it floods, no winters whatsoever.

Skin type/ texture: Combination Skin: Oily T-zone and Dry Cheeks

Have been using it for: More than 12 Months

I use it: Daily

I have a combination skin which is very susceptible to changes in weather but this cleansing balm has been a constant on my beauty shelf. This also happens to be the first product I tried out from Clinique after I tested out a couple of samples. The product contains palmitic acid which has proven to keep your skin soft and supple and is mostly used in soaps. It also contains safflower seed oil, tocopherol (Vitamin E derivative) and phenoxyethanol. It has a thick balmy texture almost like butter.

The correct way to apply it would be to scoop a little bit on your finger and apply it to your dry face, follow it up with splashing a little water and emulsifying the product before completely washing it off.

And does it do what it claims? Yes absolutely! It will feel slightly greasy on your face (which is completely fine!) and will gently melt away makeup and breakdown sunscreen. Although it is greasy, it is non-sticky so if you’re worried whether it’ll leave an oily film/residue on your face post washing, that’s not gonna happen.

Clinique conducts heavy allergy tests on their products and I understand that this product is safe to be used on sensitive skin. This is also ophthalmologist tested but I’d still advise you to exercise caution while removing your eye makeup because if by chance this gets into your eye you’ll probably get blurred vision for like 10mins (happened with me).

The only drawback to this product? Well, maybe the price factor but considering the quantity you get in the 125ml jar, I would say that it’s worth it!

Broadcaster Verdict: Holy Grail item on my beauty shelf!



Broadcaster: Monisha Bathija 

Age: 35-44

I live in: Mumbai, India

Skin type/texture: Oily Skin

Have been using it for: 6-12 Months

I use it: Weekly

It’s a great option to take your makeup off. I use it as the 2nd step for my triple cleansing method in my daily regime. It gets in deep & helps get rid of mascara and dissolves lash glue super quickly yet efficiently.

Broadcaster Verdict: Holy Grail item on my beauty shelf!

Broadcaster: Alazae

Age: 35-44

I live in: In a place where my skin experiences all 4 seasons

Skin type/ texture: Oily Skin

Have been using it for: More than 12 Months

I use it: Daily

I simply love how it glides my makeup (even the waterproof look) right off with no tugging or pulling.

Broadcaster Verdict: Holy Grail item on my beauty shelf!


Broadcaster: Andrea Priddy


I live in: Oxfordshire

Skin type/ texture:  Combination Skin: Oily T-zone and Dry Cheeks

Have been using it for:1-3 Months

I use it: At Night

This melting cleansing balm is a product sent from heaven! My eyes historically have suffered from makeup wipes, micellar waters and even eye makeup remover lotions and liquids. But balms have truly been a blessing for me and have played a part in my skincare since the past year.

In fact, I had been using a rather pricey one before I stumbled upon Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm (I originally purchased a mini version to try this out) and I was pleasantly surprised! I use a small scoop of it with a little water and buff it into my skin with a muslin cloth it. And lo and behold!-It melts my make up away, including my stubborn mascara, without stinging my eyes and leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean, soft and ready for my second cleanse!

This has now become one of my go-to’s for quick and effective makeup removal!

Broadcaster Verdict: Holy Grail item on my beauty shelf!

beauty-product-review-clinique-take-the-day-off-balmBroadcaster: Sara Khan 

Age: 25-34

I live in: Melbourne, Australia

Skin type/ texture: Dry Skin

Have been using it for: More than 12 Months

I use it at: At Night

I adore this product for how easily it takes away all the makeup and dirt off without clogging my pores.

Broadcaster Verdict: Holy Grail item on my beauty shelf

Have you tried Clinique Take The Day Off Balm? Do you love it or hate it? Do Share with the global beauty community in the comments below!

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