Castor Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Have you reaped all the benefits of the mighty castor oil yet? Well, kudos to you if you have readily jumped on the bandwagon and slathered it all over your hair, brows or lashes and know that you are in for a rich vitamin treat!

While others have sung praises of other oils like coconut oil, argan oil etc., know that the good old Castor Oil is now making a comeback and is here to generate some healthy buzz of its own and we are here to share why all the reasons why it has been Approved by You a.k.a the global beauty community.

Here’s why the community approves of Castor Oil:

1. Boost your hair and lashes:

If you crave those endless Rapunzal-esque waves & want to blessed with long & lush lashes that don’t require tons of volumizing mascara, castor oil is immensely nourishing & potent enough to grant to the locks & lashes of your dreams. Incorporate this oil by giving a good relaxing massage to your hair & scalp and apply a thin coat to your brows & lashes to achieve significantly longer thicker & fuller hair & lashes. Quick tip – take an old mascara wand or an eyebrow spooly brush, clean it thoroughly and use this to apply the oil on your lashes all the way from the roots to tips.


2. Moisturizing your skin & reducing acne:

Acne can be a total pain in your you-know-what. Just when you think that you have it well under control and that you both can move on, it throws another temper tantrum at you and drops a huge breakout on your face.  And similar to any toxic relationship, it could either crash & burn or end in a breakup. And we want you to choose the latter. After all, you do deserve a clean break & are worthy of so much more- and that Mon Chéri is going to happen with castor oill! 

Twice a week, steam your face with warm water for a couple of minutes & then follow it up by simply rubbing some of the oil on the affected areas on your face. Castor oil contains triglycerides that help dissolve any dirt, bacteria, excess oil & any dead skin cells that clog our pores. It’s superb antifungal & antibacterial properties shields you from further breakouts. Furthermore, it keeps the skin moisturized & helps combat dryness and dry patches on the face which usually appear during winters. 


3.Tightening your skin: 

With time and age, while you gain wisdom, you also gain loose & sagging skin without exceptions!  Regularly massaging your skin with can help with firming up the skin & tighten it. It contains compounds that nourish your skin & keep it moisturized. You must have noticed that people with taut and firm skin in fact have a super hydrated look that they seem to sport everywhere they go. It is because a moisturized skin will always stay toned & firm and prevent any early wrinkles that may appear with time.  


4. Heals stretch marks:

Stretch marks can be one of the most dreadful skin issues as getting rid of them can often feel like a losing battle, if not an impossible fleet. But in reality, there are a number of ways which can if not remove, at least help lighten the marks by a large stretch at home itself. One of them is in fact the use of castor oil. Just apply and massage a liberal amount of oil onto your stretch marks and leave it untouched for 30 mins. What ends up happening is that castor oil which offers deep & intense level of moisturization to the skin tends to soothe out any itchiness in the skin & prevent the marks from drying out & becoming a permanent mark. Keeping these scars heavily moisturized will help make them less noticeable over time as they will start to fade away.


5. Fades scars & acne spots:

Pimple marks can often be the source of our skin woes and sorrows. While, like the uninvited guests, we can not do much about how & when we get them, we surely can figure out some effective ways that can help us manage them better. One of the way is to use castor oil as a spot treatment in order to bid goodbye to the remainder of our breakouts. As castor oil contains enriching elements such as Vitamin E and omega-3 acids, they can be instrumental in repairing the damaged skin layer by increasing the speed of the cell turnover in our epidermis and can act as a catalyst for collagen and elastin production which helps in reducing the size of the acne scars & pigmentation.

How do you use Castor Oil as part of your beauty routine? Do Share any recommendations for DIYs or products with yoghurt with the global beauty community in the comments below.

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