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The Best Hair Serums Recommended By Actual Users

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Hair serum is a silicone-based (most of the times but now many silicone-free options are [...]

4 makeup products from homegrown brands that its users recommend you try.

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We don’t know how many of you actually know why we started the Broadcast Beauty [...]

Retinol For Beginners

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So, you have read across social media about Retinols but don’t know what they are? [...]

Top 4 Skincare Products That Its Users Say Are Life Changing

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There are two kinds of recommendations that we live for (and we know you do [...]

8 Skincare Products That Users Do Not Approve Of

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Everyone always recommends products you should buy and make a part of your skincare routine, [...]

6 Beauty Hacks You Never Knew You Could Use Boroline For

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The folks in India often joke about how an unassuming tube of Boroline can fix [...]

Castor Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

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Have you reaped all the benefits of the mighty castor oil yet? Well, kudos to [...]

5 reasons you can’t just get over Vaseline

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Vaseline for all of us is akin to the OG Moisturizer. It’s such a versatile [...]


Here’s Why You Should Use Avocado in Your Beauty Routine

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Avocado has got the world bonkers, literally. There ought to be something great that people [...]

Approved by You: M.A.C Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer

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So far, we have secretly come to believe that concealers surely possess magical abilities. Doesn’t [...]

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