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Community members from across the globe share their beauty routines

Makeup Must Haves : Rachna shares her must have makeup products.

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Rachna has always been makeup lover. While her own makeup routine is pretty minimalistic, just [...]

Homemade Remedies: How All Natural Homemade Masks Helped Riya with Acne

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For the last three years, Riya has had problems with acne. After trying the harshest [...]

Dry Lips: Deeya from India shares her 60 second DIY hack for dry and chapped lips.

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For Deeya from Mumbai, India less has always been more. While she prefers sticking to [...]

Acne Skincare: Hanun from Indonesia shares what helped her with acne.

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Hanun from Jakarta, Indonesia has been struggling with acne since middle school and has only [...]

This 40 year old Malaysian native is all about shaking up conventional skincare routines.

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40-year-old Steve has been part of the beauty industry for over a decade and he’s [...]

27 year old Saanchi from India is urging YOU to try Korean beauty brands. Know why?

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27-year-old Saanchi from India LOVES makeup, watching beauty tutorials and experimenting with colours. She’s anything [...]

This 26 year old Chinese marketer is recommending a cleansing balm that will change your life.

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Meet 26-year-old Meiling Xi, she grew up in Shanghai and now calls Paris her home. [...]

oily - combination-skin-jakarta-indonesia
This 29 year old interior designer from Jakarta is sharing her effective but affordable beauty routine for her oily – combination skin

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Meet Kinanti Anindita, a 29-year-old interior designer and hip-hop dancer from Jakarta, Indonesia who’s dishing [...]

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