This 26 year old Chinese marketer is recommending a cleansing balm that will change your life.

Meet 26-year-old Meiling Xi, she grew up in Shanghai and now calls Paris her home.

Skincare is about Habits, Rituals and Persistence

Q.Skincare, Haircare, Makeup and Body Care what’s more important to you?

Definitely skincare & hair care. Although I love makeup I still think the most important thing is to have healthy and good skin and hair through daily care and nourishment.


Q. Can you take us through your basic beauty routine?

Skincare: Easy morning routine just cleansing, lotion & a moisturizer with light SPF. At night, I will add a few more steps like using makeup removing cleansing balm, also I switch to another cleanser at night, follow this up with a serum, eye cream and night cream. Once per week, I apply a cleansing mask and once per week a hydrating mask. 

Haircare: I shampoo and condition my hair twice a day, blow dry it and follow it up with some hair oil to seal in everything. I also like pampering my hair with a mask once a week. Recently I have so been thinking about buying a silk pillowcase – a lot of people said its good for hair and prevents breakage.



Q.What would be your one highly recommended beauty product, hack, service or DIY that you think everyone should give a shot? 

Skincare: Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum (cannot live without this), Eve Lom cleansing balm – trust me when I say this, it will change your life. Yes, it is expensive but it does wonders for your skin. I also love Korean sheet masks. I have been using them for 8 years now and I still love them. I would love to recommend a cream that changed my life but sadly I haven’t come across any. Would love to get some recommendations. 

Haircare: Bumble Invisible Oil 

Makeup: Smashbox Primerizer, Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation with SPF 15, Armani Lip Magnet & Lip Maestro



Q.Do you have a dream beauty product?

Oh yes! I’d love a hair mist or oil that cleanses & nourishes your hair after getting out of the sea so your hair will look shiny & hydrated after air drying (Meiling, basically wants a hair product that is a love child between dry shampoo and hair serum.) Also, I haven’t found a tinted moisturizer with high SPF that doesn’t oxidize and stays for long.

Is your beauty routine like Meiling’s? Have you tried any products that she uses as part of your routine? Also if you have any recommendations for a good face cream then Do share in the comments!

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