Easy Festive Eye Makeup in 3 Steps by Shivi Joshi

Its that time of the year when air-conditioners shut, quilts are out, Ferrero Rocher is an acceptable breakfast and well its time for never-ending holiday soirees. No matter what part of the world you’re reading from we’re pretty sure you’re celebrating some holiday, well that’s what the months of November and December are for.

While this year for obvious reasons holidays seasons are going to more intimate than any other year, there’s n reason to not get into the holiday mood by dressing up and amping you mask look with a killer festive eye look.

When we asked around a lot of people said that they too want to do the festive eye looks they see on Pinterest but they look rather hard and would like to know how to create a festive eye look in a few ways steps with products already available at home. That’s when global community member Shivi Joshi decided to step in and show us how to create a festive eye look in a matter of 3 steps.

Easy Festive Eye Makeup in 3 Steps

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Step 1 – Take a gel liner and a brush, and draw and inner your eyes how you normally world (it doesn’t have to be perfect). Now blend out that liner well so it covers halfway through your crease. Do the same for the liner on your lower lash.

Step 2 – From the palette use any shade of your choice. It could be a matter shade or a glittery or even a metallic shade. Shivi has used a mauve shade here. Now apply that shade on the crease and blend it well. It’s okay if it covers your smudged liner. You can go back and really a bit more

Step 3 – Now its time to make your eye pop. Take a light-toned shimmery shade like a golden or a pearly shade and apply it in the inner corner of your eyes, this also called the tear duct. Applying a bright shimmery shade in the tear duct opens up your eyes and makes them look bigger. Finally, take a volumizing mascara and generally coat your upper lashes. The trick here to lengthen then and makes them appear them fuller is wiggling the mascara wand at the base of the roots and then running the wand through lashes. Pro -top remove any excess mascara from the wand and in case you happen to get some mascara on top of your shadow, wait for it to dry and then clean it with an earbud or a clean brow brush if you happen to have one.

Did you find this guide helpful? Do you you have any other ways to achieve the festive eye look? Do Share in the comments!

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