Homemade Remedies: How All Natural Homemade Masks Helped Riya with Acne

For the last three years, Riya has had problems with acne. After trying the harshest of products and almost burning her skin trying to get rid of pimples, she restored to DIY homemade face packs that worked miraculously.

Q. Out of Skincare, Haircare, Makeup and Body Care on which area(s) do you spend the most time, what is most important to you and why?

Skincare and body care. I believe in what you put IN your body is more important than what you put ON your body.

Q. Can you take us through your everyday beauty routine?

I exfoliate my body once a week with either a coffee scrub that I make myself (ground coffee+epsom salt+coconut oil+honey). I use the same fragrance for my shower gel, body mist and body cream. It ensures a long-lasting fragrance.

I also try to eat healthily 90% of the time, and I follow a 16/8 intermittent fasting diet (it works for me). Believe it or not, a healthy diet is the key.

When it comes to skincare- I have dry skin. I keep myself hydrated. My skincare routine is pretty basic. I use a cleanser (Neutrogena liquid face wash), toner(Rosewater), moisturizer(Clinique Moisture Surge), and sunscreen in the day and add a serum at night (Nykaa Skin Potion Facial Oil). I also exfoliate my skin with an exfoliating brush once a week with homemade coffee scrub [ground coffee+sugar+lemon juice+honey+ used green tea bag granules]. I apply a face mask/pack once or twice a week. I either use sheet masks or a clay mask by Nykaa or I make a face pack at home (gram flour+honey+curd/cold milk+turmeric+lemon juice).


Q.What would be your one highly recommended beauty product, hack, service or DIY that you think everyone should give a shot?

WEAR SUNSCREEN. Irrespective of the fact if you are stepping out or not. Secondly, the homemade coffee face scrub that I suggested above will really leave your skin soft and clean. It also removes dead skin.


Q.Your dream product that doesn’t exist and you really wish it did?

Permanent hair removal cream.

Q.Anything else that you would like to share with the Basic Beauty Broadcaster community? 

For the last three years, I have had problems with acne. Nothing was working out for me. I tried the harshest of products. And I almost burnt my skin by trying to get rid of a pimple. I had given up but a few months ago, I restored to DIY homemade face packs. I try to use all-natural products on my skin and that has been a blessing.

Is your beauty routine like Riya’s? Have you tried any products that she uses as part of your routine? Do Share in the comments!

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