Nécessaire: This brand is making products with Hyaluronic Acid and no, not for your face.

Recently something got us thinking that despite the skin being the largest and most prominent part of our body when it comes to skincare we only think of the skin that makes up our face and not the rest of our body.

For as long as one can remember its always been about wanting premium brands for the hair, skin (which is basically facial care) and makeup. Rarely have we or seen others around us indulge in premium quality products for the body. So much so that rarely do beauty giants make products for the body, probably because they thought that body care is an afterthought for many and unfortunately so it is when it should be the first thought.

Everyone but one brand believed that wellness of the skin that makes up our body is a necessity. Nécessaire is built on the philosophy that personal care is bigger than body wash and more than body lotion.

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We believe personal care is self-care—and that self-care is a necessity”

Nick Axelrod & Randi Christiansen, Founders

Nécessaire is not only championing body care but personal care as a whole with products both for the body as well as sexual wellness, with innovative products like The Body Serum & The Sex Gel. The Body Serum is built on the idea that the body should be treated like the face and hence needs a serum for extra TLC. Another product that the internet cannot stop raving about is The Sex Gel which is a first of its kind lubricant formulated with hyaluronic acid and organic aloe vera. We are so obsessed with ingredients that don’t irritate our skin might as well you use clean products in parts of the body where one definitely don’t want irritation 😀 

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What sets Nécessaire apart is its clean formulations, minimalistic aesthetics and the fact it is explaining people like you and me why personal care should be a part of any beauty routine.

Sure Nécessaire is a bit heavy on the pocket but when you start thinking of your body as your face then the price really won’t pinch you.

Have you tried products from Nécessaire? What do you think about their products? What are your favourite products from Nécessaire? Do Share in the comments below!

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