Review: Mediheal Sheet Masks

What is it: Mediheal Sheet Masks (#1 Selling Sheet Mask in South Korea)

What it claims to do: Mediheal masks make quality skincare simple by combining all the benefits of a multi-step regimen into one convenient, effective, and easy-to-use treatment. Mediheal sheet masks claim it delivers everything your skin needs in just 15 minutes to tackle skin concerns like dullness, dryness, pore, lift and firm, sensitive skin.

Ingredients: High-grade versions of natural ingredients like tea-tree and its proprietary creations like the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF).

Broadcaster: Shamira N (byuti.byuti)

Broadcaster Verdict: I tried the Mediheal Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask EX. As someone who has oily skin, finding the right sheet mask can be quite tricky. I need the essence to absorb quickly into the skin, yet still able to make my face fresh yet not sticky and greasy. I found this sheet mask from Mediheal while browsing for products, and luckily, it works great for my skin. The key ingredient of this mask is tea tree, which is known to have various benefits for acne-prone skin. This type of essential oil is known to have anti-bacterial properties (can kill bacteria that causes acne) and it is also anti-inflammatory (soothes redness caused by acne). The mask itself claims to be ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, as well as soothes redness, treats irritation, and reduces the appearance of acne. Plus, it also claims to have a non-sticky texture, which immediately caught my attention So… are those claims proven true? Yes — at least for my skin, they were. While using it I experienced a cooling effect, and the redness on my face slowly disappeared as I used it twice a week. Especially during my period, where I usually would experience breakouts, it helped minimize acne and reduce its size. And if you’re wondering about the texture, it did not leave my skin greasy or sticky. In fact, it made my skin feel softer!
Another thing that I love about this mask is the sheet’s texture. You would instantly notice that the sheet is rather thin, which I like because it feels comfortable on my skin. Based on my experience, it is safe to say that the Mediheal Tea Tree Care Solution Essential
Mask is a #HolyGrail.


Broadcaster: Courtney Dang (hicourts)

Broadcaster Verdict: I am a bonafide sheet mask addict. Nothing makes me happier than organising my stash by expiration date. I use one every other night before bed after I apply my serums and before my moisturizer. 

Mediheal is one of the brands I always have on hand and usually use one of their masks once a week, the type depends on what my skin needs at the time. The quality of the sheet mask itself is superb. The thickness is the right amount, it fits myself perfectly and there is plenty of essence included. I love to apply the remaining essence on my neck, chest, and arms. 

My personal favourite Mediheal masks are N.M.F Intensive Hydrating Mask, Brightclay Meshpeel Mask, Pore Detox Oxygenating Bubble Mask, and the Tea Tree Care Solution Mask. The N.M.F Intensive Hydrating Mask is my go-to mask during the drier months when added hydration is needed. The Brightclay Meshpeel Mask is a must when my skin is looking duller than usual. I definitely notice my pores looking tighter the next day. The Pore Detox Oxygenating Bubble Mask is amazing to use when your pores are congested. I tend to get blackheads on my nose so the oxygenated bubbles help loosen up my pores and after, I’ll use an AHA/BHA product for treatment. Last but not least, the Tea Tree Care Solution has got to be my absolute favourite sheet mask. It is moisturizing and calming to any irritations, whether it be dryness or acne. It is so versatile for any skin issues at the moment. Mediheal sheet masks are and will forever be my #HolyGrail masks.



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