Do you use skincare, haircare, body care or makeup products? If yes, then we would love to have you as part of our global beauty community as a voice that helps our readers. Whether it is about sharing your basic skincare routine or writing about your experience of using a product, hack or ingredient; we intend to bring value to our growing community through your words. Everyone’s story is unique, and we acknowledge this fact. We offer our platform to everyone who wishes to have their say on beauty trends, products and share their unique stories related to beauty and wellness.

What do we stand for?

Bridging the gap between peers

We provide a platform for actual users to converse and learn from others like them around topics such as makeup, skincare, hair care and body care. This activity fulfils dual objectives:

i) Helps the community understand a topic better and start conversations.

ii) Introduce beauty enthusiasts to our valued community through our Broadcaster in Spotlight and Approved by You series Our website and social channels shall take your story to the right audience.

We give meaning to every voice. That is our key strength!

Providing knowledge on everything beauty

We want our community to get real advice from real people who have tried and tested it. Considering that we post about new and old products in the global beauty industry in our Approved by You & Tried and Tested segments. These include the opinions of our community members as well as our Editorial team that sources and curates reliable information for you. Our Beauty Alert & The Basics segments are also open for contributions from broadcasters aka YOU. These two segments create a knowledge hub around the beauty space for our readers.

Nurturing the beauty ecosystem with grace

Beauty is a gender-neutral concept, and we stand by it religiously. We smash the stereotyping in the society that says, makeup is only for women. We have featured men sharing their beauty routines and stories too. An attempt is in practice to break the stigmas associated with acne and related issues that are faced by some of our community members. Possible solutions are given by those with prior experiences. In this manner, the problems are not concealed but rightfully identified and addressed.

If you want to share any beauty product reviews, tips or tricks, homemade beauty remedies or talk of one incident, which you think other community members should know, then join our tribe right away!