Senka Japan makes the number 1 cleanser in Japan consecutively for the last 10 years

We love the Japanese, they have given us two things in life that we value and love the most two – good food (Ebi Maki, all day everyday!) and great skincare.

While Japan’s food exports to the world have been more affordable than their skincare exports (not gonna lie!), we did stumble upon a brand that has been making a cleanser that has been touted as the number 1 cleanser in Japan consecutively for the last 10 years.

The brand in the spotlight is Senka Japan and it’s from the pioneers of beauty in Japan the Shiseido Group. While both you and us know Shiseido for their premium and luxury brands such as Shiseido, Laura Mercier, Nars and Bare Minerals, the Shiseido Group has been lately making strides in the aisles of drug stores and your neighbourhood convenience store with Senka, whose top-selling product the Perfect Whip Cleanser is extremely affordable at under $10 in all countries its available in.

The line up for Senka Japan is limited to focus only on the basic products that a woman on the go would require as part of her skincare regime that target her skin concerns. Face wash and makeup remover, skincare, body soap, and sunscreen are pretty much what the brand is made up of. But each of these products holds Shiseido’s premium quality and patented Aqua-In-Pool technology, which boosts moisture retention in the skin and reinforces skin’s barrier function without the heavy price tag.

While the Senka Perfect Whip is considered a cult product and is probably the most popular product along with the Senka Perfect Clay, the brand also has sheet masks, makeup cleansing oil, sunscreen, serum, facial lotion ( J-beauty is all about lightweight, watery lotions as opposed to moisturizers so we aren’t really surprised to see such a product), gel creams and a few bath and body products.

As consumers, we struggle to find quality skincare at affordable prices (let’s be real all of us can’t afford a $62 cleanser) and Shiseido is trying to address this very problem with Senka. Not only do the products retail between $2-$15, but they all also have ingredients you ought to find in premium skincare. Regular superhero ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid (Senka uses dual derivatives of Hyaluronic Acids as just opposed to one derivative ), Glycerin (a naturally occurring humectant or moisturizing agent that hydrates the skin to make it soft and supple) Collagen (also a protein that naturally occurs in our body that strengths the skin and helps with skin elasticity and hydration, and fights signs of ageing), Honey ( helps lighten acne scars and blemishes. it is intensely hydrating and has healing properties) & Aloe Vera (helps with acne, blemishes and dehydrated skin) along with some indulgent ingredients we hadn’t heard of before such Sericin (it is a silk protein proven to have anti-ageing benefits and increase skin elasticity) and Japanese silk cocoon (it protects the skin while removing impurities from deep within), and also ingredients like Rice Bran(that gently exfoliates the skin) and Sakura Extract (promotes collagen production and brightens the skin) that have traditionally been part of the Japanese’s beauty regime .

Senka is a brand for those who are looking to start their J-Beauty journey on a budget but also those who are looking for great beauty staples.

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