27 year old Saanchi from India is urging YOU to try Korean beauty brands. Know why?

27-year-old Saanchi from India LOVES makeup, watching beauty tutorials and experimenting with colours. She’s anything but shy about trying something different with colour even if it may seem extra. Oh and she stans (someone who is an overzealous or obsessive fan) everything K-BEAUTY!!

“I absolutely LOVE doing makeup. It is somewhat therapeutic for me.”

Q.Skincare, Haircare, Makeup and Body Care what’s more important to you?

Okay! so I’ll share my answers in order of priority! First up is skincare, then makeup, then hair care and then body care. I do not focus too much on body care even though I know I should.  

Skincare: Honestly I enjoy doing my makeup more, but I do realize the importance of skincare, without which makeup cannot look good. Also, I would love for my skin to naturally look as nice as possible so that I don’t have to cake on makeup. Sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm and makeup remover are my top products in skincare.

I like sunscreens that are hydrating (not oily) and which do not leave a white cast (LOVE the brand Supergoop)

For moisturizer, I only look for hydration. I do like Clinique’s Dramatically Different Lotion and Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask

Lip Balm is something I genuinely can’t do without, its a must at all times for me. In the day I’ll use the Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint Balm and at night I use the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

When it comes to removing makeup, I prefer cleansing balms over everything like the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm or the Banila Co Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm, but sometimes I also tend to use makeup removal removing wipes from Simple.

Apart from these, I do sometimes indulge in additional skincare if I am not too lazy – serums, face masks, eye creams, toner etc (not loyal to any particular brand)

Makeup: I absolutely LOVE doing makeup. It is somewhat therapeutic for me. I feel like it allows me to express my creativity and an artistic side that I do not otherwise indulge in. A good makeup day can absolutely elevate my mood.

Q. What are your favourite makeup steps?

My favourite part about makeup is the eyes – that’s where I can experiment the most. I do not shy away from any colour and like to try everything. Basic eye makeup would include a liner and light mascara with an inner corner highlight (I do believe lining your waterline and doing an inner corner highlight is a game changer!). And for glam, I can go all out from nudes, smokey, colourful, glitter (You name it, and I’ll do it!)

Another part of makeup I enjoy doing is the base – but I do not end up doing it so much. Rather I would suggest investing in a good concealer if not a foundation. Personally. I prefer concealers that are an exact match to my skin tone and are hydrating. For foundations, I use mostly lightweight foundations, currently using the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30. I only use full coverage foundations for special occasions or when I am elated. Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick and Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer are my top picks. All of these have good coverage and just the perfect finish – not too glowy and not too matte.

Blush: Blushes to me are a very important step in my routine as it adds colour back to my skin. Even if I may not do my base, I do tend to still put blush at times. I am starting to enjoy cream blushes more than powder blushes since it looks more natural, but I do use both. I like peachy or pink tones. Really love the 3CE Cream Blusher and the Bobbi Brown powder blushes.

Lipstick: I am open to applying any colour as long as it complements my eye look. But otherwise, I am not a lipstick enthusiast – so even if it comes off I don’t usually care.

Setting spray: I apply it if I remember or if my makeup looks too dry or cakey. Again, not loyal to any brand.

Q. What does your hair care routine entail?

Haircare: I have very curly hair with dry ends and oily scalp. Most importantly I do not have a lot of hair. However, if I did, I would have loved to try different hairstyles. For haircare, I like products that leave my hair soft and smelling good. Since I have curly hair I have a few more steps just shampoo and conditioner. I use a sulphate free shampoo – Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo, I also use Briogeo’s Charcoal + Coconut oil micro-exfoliating shampoo – once in 2 weeks to get rid of any build-up. I follow this up with Aveda Be Curly and Damage Remedy conditioner. I also believe that hair masks are important for healthy hair, so I end up using Briogeo’s Don’t Despair Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask once a week in the shower. Apart from the above essentials, I use curl enhancing products to define my curls, but look for products that won’t leave a cast or make my hair rough. My holy grail for curl enhancement is the Sebastian Whipped creme (LOVE THIS STUFF!). I also add a little bit of Kerastase elixir oil (obsessed with the smell) at the end in to add moisture back into my hair.

Q.What would be your one highly recommended beauty product, hack, service or DIY that you think everyone should give a shot? 

Product: I recommend the Clio Kill eyeliner – it does not BUDGE! And overall I urge people to try Korean brands as they are of great quality at a decent price.

Hack: Line your waterline and always highlight the inner corner of your eyes (your eyes will instantly seem bigger).

DIY: very lazy to do it!

Q.Anything else that you would like to share with the Basic Beauty Broadcaster community?

I think many people would shy away from experimenting with makeup because they either are conscious of what others would think, or it is never the right occasion or that it’s just simply “trying too hard”. I don’t believe that to be the case at all since makeup is also an expression of creativity or something that just gives you joy and can and should be enjoyed by anyone and everyone! So I urge those who have biased notions towards makeup to let go and do what they really want!

Is your beauty routine like Saanchi’s? Have you tried any products that she uses as part of your routine? Also if you know of more Korean beauty products that Saanchi already hasn’t mentioned but are a must-try, then  Do Share with the global beauty community in the comments below!

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