Solved Skincare – Eric Nam swears by this Korean skincare brand for his ‘COMPLICATED‘ skin type.

Some people are obsessed with skincare and some are obsessed with K-pop. We at Broadcast Beauty are obsessed with both Korean skincare and K-pop, and apparently so is American K-pop artist Eric Nam. While stalking K-pop artists on Youtube (ashamed, not!), what pops in the recommended section is Eric Nam’s nighttime skincare routine for Harper’s Bazaar ‘Go To Bed With Me’ series.

In the 13 minutes long video Eric is mostly using only one brand – Solved Skincare. Seeing how Eric was praising this Korean skincare brand you ought to think that he must be the brand ambassador but a quick search on Instagram revealed that Solved Skincare might be Korea’s best-kept skincare secret. The cruelty-free and vegan Korean skincare brand might be relatively unknown with only 4.5K Instagram followers but when it comes to innovation they hit the T. While a lot of brands are looking at technological innovation to extract the best from natural ingredients to include in product formulations, Solved Skincare looks at the innovation of convenience, usage and form as well to address skincare concerns naturally.

One such product that really stands out from Solved Skincare is the Coconut Cleansing Pad made with 100% Virgin Coconut Oil. Let’s be honest coconut oil is great but it’s bloody messy to use. These pads from Solved Skincare don’t only make the application of coconut oil less messy but also make great substitutes for regular makeup wipes that can be harsh on the skin. What’s interesting is that they aren’t anything like ordinary cotton pads, they are made like mittens so you can slide in your fingers in the pad and get down to business. All the 40 cotton pads that come in one jar have little ridges on them that gently exfoliate the skin.

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🇫🇷🥥🇰🇷 @imgrenouille is right on time to share a #texturetuesday post on our #cocopads. Thanks for the love, Sis! We always admire and enjoy your creativity. . . . Posted @withregram • @imgrenouille [TEXTURE TUESDAY] It’s #texturetuesday and I want to highlight these awesome and effective coconut cleansing pads by @solvedskincare 🥥💚 . . This double sided pad lightly exfoliates, remove all the makeup, even waterproof and cleans the skin super easily. It’s drenched in 100% virgin coconut oil, and it’s vegan and cruelty free. It’s also free from parabens, pigment, artificial fragrance, animal ingredients, surfactants, mineral oil, alcohol and silicone. The big plus : the scent is the most yummylicious one ever 🥥 Oh, and by the way, these pads won the BEST OF KBEAUTY AWARD by Sokoglam and were praised by Queen @charlottejcho , just saying 🤫 Time to get yours!!!! . . . . You can order your @solvedskincare products all around the world on @sokoglam , @beautymnl , @mapetitecoree_boutique and @cocomo.65 websites! . . . Happy Tuesday everyone and please love yourself 🤗💚 . . . . #cleansing #coconutoil #cocofam #solvedskincare #sokoglam #veganbeauty #cleanbeauty #cleanbeautyblogger #cleanbeautyproducts #virgincoconutoil #antiage #antiaging #hydratingskincare #texture #asianbeauty #rasianbeauty

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Once you are through with getting all the makeup off with the cleansing pads, you might want to double cleanse with the Coconut Cleansing Foam that is 75% Coconut Water and then tone with the Coconut, Hibiscus and Rosehip toner that it suppose to nourish the skin, fights acne and signs of ageing.

We’re all about sharing and learning from the global beauty community and that includes YOU. If you’ve tried this brand, what are your thoughts on it? DO SHARE in the comments below.

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