Sunnies Face: This Philippines brand is making makeup in shades to flatter every skin tone out there without us begging.

We like everyone use Instagram for a few things like entertaining ourselves, keeping ourselves up to date with what’s happening in the world, sharing memes in DMs and for social scanning (stalking sounds too creepy).

SOCIAL SCANNING by far is our most favourite thing to do on Instagram because we somehow end up on profiles where we discover new beauty brands that we fall in love with and want to share with you.

A fateful day of social scanning lead to the discovery of Philippines based ‘Sunnies Face’ Instagram page and it took less than one scroll for us to fall in love with this brand. 

While the brand might be only 2 years old, the love and fan following Sunnies Face has garnered till date is far more than what some of the veteran beauty brands achieve after a much longer period. And this is despite the fact that they only ship within the Philippines right now (don’t worry we hear they are working on shipping internationally soon).

Sunnies Face makes makeup. But not just makeup, it makes ‘universally flattering’ makeup which basically means all their shades are developed to suit every possible skin tone that walks the face of Earth. So if you think that wearing an orange shade of lipstick is too much for your pale skin to handle, or that brown is too brown for your melanin-rich face, you might want to checkout Sunnies Face.

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Sunnies Face started as a lipstick brand only with their ‘Fluffmates’ range of lipsticks in 9 shades that apparently took the Philippines by storm causing the website to breakdown. We don’t blame the Filipinas, not only are the shades TO DIE for but these matte lipsticks have a very smooth and powdery formula that glides on the lips like butter. Fluffmates are not long-wearing lipsticks and Sunnies Face doesn’t even advertise it like that. They leave a nice and even stain on your lips and not the ugly, blotchy and cracked kinds all of us end up having (you know the feeling right?).To make the deal even sweeter, Sunnies Face is delivering this luxe lipstick formula for only P345 or $7 a pop! Yup you heard that right (can you now really blame the people of Philippines for causing the website to crash and the stock selling out in 15 minutes on launch day!)


Sunnies Face now a has a variety of products across lips, cheeks, brows and nails in shades that flatter every and we mean EVERY skin tone and a lot of these products can be used for multiple purposes.

If the fact that it has shades for every skin tone, delivers luxury formulas at an affordable price, is cruelty and paraben-free wasn’t enough to convince you why we fell in love with Sunnies Face at first sight just look at the cute packaging. YOU know you want it, you’re dying for it and so are we!!

We’re all about sharing and learning from the global beauty community and that includes YOU. If you’ve tried this brand, what are your thoughts on it? DO SHARE with the global beauty in the comments below.

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