This 40 year old Malaysian native is all about shaking up conventional skincare routines.

40-year-old Steve has been part of the beauty industry for over a decade and he’s taking us through easy, breezy skincare routine.

Q. Skincare, Haircare, Makeup and Body Care what’s most important to you?

Skincare has got to be the most important followed by hair care and body care. Skincare is key because it is a form of indulgence and pampering my skin that will help delay the sign of ageing naturally without having to opt for alternative treatments like plastic surgery. I think true beauty lies in allowing yourself to self to age naturally and gracefully. In terms of makeup, I only use a primer that controls oil and stays matte all day.

Q. Can you take us through your beauty routine?

I dedicate 15-30 minutes of my time daily to my skincare regimen. I have a few steps that include a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, mud mask, essence, serum, moisturizer and eye cream. I sometimes mix toner with essence/serum/moisturizer/eye cream. Most of my skincare products are from Glamglow with a couple of indie brands. I’m very adventurous and creative when it comes to skincare, for example, I don’t follow the conventional steps but instead, change things up to try and see what best suit me be the best or what gives me the desired results.


Q. Imagine your dream beauty product that currently does not exist. Why this product and what would you want it to do for you?

A skincare product for head to toe. For instance, a face & body essence or moisturizer that works perfectly both on the face and the body. It’ll be nice to have skincare products that are unconventional, multi-functional, made of clean ingredients but still highly efficacious.


Q. Any tip for the global beauty community?

Be bold, be creative, be adventurous when it comes to beauty!

Is your beauty routine like Steve’s? Have you tried any products that she uses as part of your routine? Also if you have any recommendations for a good face cream then Do share in the comments!

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